Spiritual and Career/Intellectual Well-Being

As Well-Being Week comes to a close, we ask you to ponder what do spiritual and career/intellectual well-being have in common? Spiritual Well-Being and Career and Intellectual Well-Being are dimensions of well-being, they put us in a zone of connection to ourselves, to the world, and give meaning to our lives. Enjoy some of the spirituality and career/intellectual well-being activities!

Watch these videos:

  1. Check out this 7 minute video of voices from legal communities talking about spiritual practices as part of their process of well-being.
  1. Flow: An Animated Book Summary. A short, entertaining video summarizing the best-selling book, which proposes that fostering more “flow” in our daily lives is a key to growth and happiness (flow = a state of complete absorption in engaging activities that are optimally challenging).

Read these articles:

  1. Ways to Incorporate Spiritual Well-Being at Work.
  1. Getting Into the Zone at Work. Nine Steps to Achieving Flow in Your Work. Greater Good Magazine, Leo Babauta (2012).

Do these activities:

  1. Try an “Awe Walk” and get spiritual for a few minutes using this technique.
  1. Try out “Job Crafting”, which is a continual activity in which we seek to create a better fit between our strengths, values, and preferences and our work. Follow the Job Crafting Activity Guide and post about your experience on social media using the hashtag #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Thank you for your participation in Lawyer Well-Being Week!

Please feel free to connect with us for more ideas around your well-being or for help at any cross-road.

Shari R. Pearlman
Shari R. Pearlman joined LAPBC near the end of 2020.