Lawyer Well-Being Week, Every Week

Lawyer Well-Being Week began yesterday. This concept was launched several years ago to inspire lawyers to take better care of themselves. But you don’t have to dig too far or work too hard to make well-being week every week.

All you need is a few minutes to yourself, a pen, this handout, and one yellow (or blue, or pink or red or…. you pick!) sticky note!

By now, many of you know that Lawyer Well-Being is a continuous process of striving for thriving in all of the dimensions that make up YOU. We like to look at them as 7 dimensions: physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, cultural, social, and emotional. 

In honour of Lawyer Well-Being Week, I challenge you to: get out that pen and your worksheet and your sticky note. Write down 5-7 activities that only take between 1-10 minutes that capture one or more of the dimensions. Place the sticky note on your computer so you can see it.

Examples of short activities: get up and stretch; step outside for a few minutes; practice grounding; connect with a friend; listen to a great song; read or listen to a chapter from a book unrelated to your work. 

See if you can combine quick activities to tend to more dimensions at once. Stretching tends to our physical well-being - if you do it while listening to your favourite song, you are also tending to your spiritual well-being. If we step outside for fresh air we tend to our physical well-being by walking and breathing the fresh air. We can momentarily act mindfully by noticing all of the colours outside which might have a grounding effect. This subtle and deliberate action attends to our emotional well-being. 

Armed with your yellow sticky filled with quick healthy choices, you are ready to practice well-being every week!

Shari R. Pearlman
Shari R. Pearlman joined LAPBC near the end of 2020.