Enhancing Your Emotional Well-Being

Attending to your emotional well-being is very likely to increase your quality of life. Emotional well-being relates to bringing an awareness to your emotions and embarking on a journey of using the emotions as a navigation system. Our emotions are nudging us, saying something to us.

At the start of your day (or throughout), allow yourself to take time to check in on what might be happening within. By turning inward, it’s helpful to use “I feel” while avoiding “I think”. It can be useful to use the Feelings Wheel (below) and expand your vocabulary with “I feel” statements. 

Once you name the feeling without judgment, you allow space to honour it and the potential to accept and care for it, a moment of self-compassion. 

It can be valuable to ask yourself a question: 

“At this moment, what is in my best self-interest?”

Through such a process, there is a possibility of being able to navigate through the day with self-sufficiency, as you have the choice to fulfill your needs. 

You can choose to reach out for support

You can work on your boundaries

You can engage in writing, dancing, or expressing yourself

You can also ask for professional help. 

Leen Hamdi
Leen Hamdi joined LAPBC in 2023.