Leen Hamdi


Leen Hamdi, a Clinical Counsellor, RPC, RTC, joined LAPBC in 2023. Achievement and advancement in her professional career allowed her to become aware of the importance of her internal growth. Her self-discovery led her to a meaningful career in counselling. Leen continues to build her own practices around self-compassion, mindfulness, and an intention for living a more fulfilling life. She has experience counselling people who are experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, immigration challenges, addiction and other mental health challenges.

Leen has a passion for helping people in discovering themselves and their needs to see possibility and find ways to get unstuck, refocus their lives, find healthy solutions to challenges and live more fully. She shows up with curiosity in getting to know her clients and to meeting them where they are at.

Leen can be reached by phone at 1.888.685.2171 or 604.685.2171 or email at leen@lapbc.com.