Career Crossroads: How to Get Started - Part 4

If you’ve followed along with this series, you have all of the tools you need to take the first step into a new career transition. Even with the best resources and support around you, the choice to take that first step is still one we have to initiate ourselves. How do we kick start our journey? How do we combat the natural feelings of trepidation and uncertainty that so often accompany a significant life change? Acceptance of the present with an eye to the future, taking care of yourself and utilizing positive support.

After a thorough self-assessment, you are confident in your decision that your current professional environment or career needs to change. Coming to this decision alone can feel like a weight being lifted that we didn’t know we were carrying. With a lighter mindset, the temptation to cut and run to your next career can be very strong, but ill-advised. While you may be convinced that you will never return to your current job, there are no guarantees. Even if you never return to that firm or company, there is still the possibility of encountering former colleagues along your new career path. You can strike a healthy balance between accepting your current work situation and planning for a career shift. See if you can change something about your workplace and the way you work to feel better about being there so that you can give proper notice and leave at an opportune time for you. Your current colleagues and future self will thank you for it. 

The pre-work is vital to sustaining you throughout the highs and lows of a career transition. There will be days where anxiety may take center stage and make us question our decision. Instead of tamping down the emotion entirely, acknowledge that anxiety is a natural response to a major life change. Using positive support people, self compassion and mindfulness we can get through the stressors. 

A major career shift is a big undertaking for any professional. For lawyers who have dedicated years to a specialized area, the idea of changing course can feel insurmountable. While our feelings should never be discounted, the reality is that as daunting as a career change may seem, there are manageable steps to follow to meet your end goal. There are others who have gone before, there will be others to come after, and there is no reason to doubt your ability to join them.

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Shari R. Pearlman
Shari R. Pearlman joined LAPBC near the end of 2020.