Volunteer Training Sessions 2021

Thank you for joining our volunteer training sessions. Our Volunteer Training started on Wednesday, May 19 for 7 weeks. Our theme was “Connection”, and each session related the volunteer experience opportunity to the power of connection.

We have a number of resources from the sessions for your reference.

Resources from Derek

Peer Support Derek 2021

Peer Support Diagram

Reducing Stigma

Peer Support Model DCL

Volunteer Guidelines

Resources from Maureen

Maureen_Nature Nurture

D5 - Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture Activity

Resources from Michael

Michael Kahn - Implicit Bias LAPBC Handout

Resources from Shari

Shari R Pearlman - Mentoring is a 2 way street

Shari R Pearlman - mentor volunteer training

Shari R Pearlman - The Volunteer Connection outline

Shari R Pearlman - The Volunteer Connection

Resources from Susan

Susan Burak - 2021 Final With Notes Mindfulness To Build Connections

Other resources