Taking responsibility for looking after your health is essential for you to develop and maintain a holistic lifestyle and optimal functioning. Including regular medical and health care and follow-up as necessary is essential for your optimum physical maintenance and prevention of disease. Early follow-up of health challenges will assist you in achieving recovery and work/life balance. It can assist you in avoiding prolonged illness or disability. This will enhance your overall capacity to achieve balanced career and life enjoyment, well-being, and satisfaction.

If you are facing a health or medical issue we are here to help you find the resources you need and to provide support as you make any necessary changes. Please call us for a confidential consultation.

Continual Well-Being

Well-Being is defined as being in the process of striving toward thriving in all areas of your life. The key here is “continuous process”. It is about creating processes that are moving in the direction of self-actualization, in other words towards being yourself. It is not about setting goals for some idealized version of yourself (or of a person) and pushing yourself to make that happen. It is a much gentler and selective method of continuously choosing what is the most authentic choice for you.

  1. Set aside 10 (or 11) minutes, every day.
  2. Time yourself and take 1 minute to write on each of the 7 sheets (dimensions of self). This will take about 10 (or 11) minutes to go from one sheet to the next.
  3. You may wish to review the definition on the diagram before turning to any of the worksheets.
  4. This is designed to create a process and will require patience and trust (in yourself) that by doing this over a long period of time your thinking will change and you will be more easily able to make healthy choices in your life.

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