Join our Team - Lawyer Counsellor

The Lawyers Assistance Program of British Columbia is hiring a Lawyer Counsellor to work full-time with lawyers, their families and staff in the field of counselling assistance. Candidates must have at least 5 years as a practicing lawyer, a degree or certificate in counselling and/or experience in counselling. Preference will be given to candidates who possess empathy and other counselling skills, peer support, coupled with a willingness and desire to further their education and personal growth. Candidates must possess excellent communication skills and ability to perform as a public speaker.

The Program Lawyer will be an experienced licensed lawyer with JD/LLB, having a minimum five years' practice experience, a degree or certificate in counselling and/or experience in counselling. The candidate must:

  • have empathy;
  • be a good listener;
  • be able to keep all clientele information confidential;
  • have excellent communication skills;
  • counselling and/or peer counselling skills with a preference to those with experience with impaired professionals;
  • possess a willingness and desire to learn about lawyer well-being and how to be a helpful resource;
  • preference to those with educational training in psychology, addictions, crisis intervention and support; and
  • be a public speaker or workshop facilitator.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Report and be responsible to the Executive Director;
  • Provide such assistance and support to the Executive Director as required;
  • Act as the initial contact for intake;
  • Be accessible to all members of the legal community (lawyers, judges, law students, legal staff) seeking assistance;
  • Meet with and provide support, education, referral or counselling to members seeking assistance;
  • Be able to travel to meet with members (both local and province wide) who wish to utilize the program (subject to COVID-19 restrictions);
  • Research and have familiarity with referral resources such as individual health care providers (physicians, counsellors, therapists, etc.) and treatment programs available to assist in the development of a resource listing that is available to members or prospective members needing evaluation, treatment or aftercare;
  • Market the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC throughout the province;
  • Plan and present educational programs for the legal community, with respect to potential lawyer impairment, as well as treatment and prevention measures;
  • Continue with personal and professional, education, training, and development; and
  • Adhere to the values and principles of the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC, including confidentiality, personal responsibility, compassion, knowledge, and being present.

To apply for the position, please email