Change, Transitions, and Farewells

One of the constants in Life is change. We often would like things to just stay as they are - Life is working so well. Then something happens and there is a change. It’s not always because of some tragedy that befalls us, or others. Sometimes we, or others, just grow and change. The whole process can be sad, but it can also be rejuvenating. Such is the case when a valuable and steady member of your team leaves.

Such is the case for me, and for LAPBC, with the retirement of Susan Burak. Susan has been a consistent and important member of the LAPBC team since 2008. Susan is consistently warm hearted and caring. And she has maintained her interest in learning and growing in her profession and in her skill set. She has quietly shown up and done whatever has been asked of her in service of her clients and of the legal profession. She has touched the lives of hundred of lawyers through her individual work with them and her presentations and workshops. We will miss Susan and we wish her well in the next stage of her life. 

Derek LaCroix
Derek LaCroix, KC, joined LAPBC as our Executive Director in 1996.