A Simple Well-Being Practice

Woman sits at desk near window, writes in journal

Well-Being is defined as; “a continuous process in which Lawyers strive for thriving in each dimension of their lives.”

Because this is a process, not a series of goals, we need to have practices to help keep us in the process of expressing each dimension of ourselves.  

A simple exercise that can help us keep on track, particularly in the Occupational and the Spiritual dimensions, is to ask ourselves these simple questions and review them every day:

  1. Why do I want to be a lawyer?
  2. What do I bring to the legal profession?
  3. What am I doing in my profession to bring “Awe” alive?
  4. What is Awesome about being a lawyer?

Often, we get in a rut and forget to pay attention to why we want to do the work we are doing. It becomes “something I am doing because I am doing it”. These questions will help you remember the purpose of your work and why you want to do it.

Note: Awe refers to sense of magnitude and importance. It helps us see that something, in this case the work, or profession, is larger than our present experience.

Derek LaCroix
Derek LaCroix, KC, joined LAPBC as our Executive Director in 1996.