Screen Addiction

If screen addiction is affecting you or someone you know and their health, relationships, work, finances or other life situations, please contact us for support.

Screen Addiction is when screen use becomes so compulsive that it leads to impaired daily functioning in terms of productivity, social relationships, physical health, or emotional well-being.

Signs and symptoms

  • screen time interferes with daily activities
  • you are spending more time with virtual friends than real people
  • screen time is the main activity that brings you happiness
  • screens are a primary cause of conflict in the home
  • spending more and more time online
  • the quality of your work has suffered
  • you feel agitated if you leave your phone at home
  • you get very little physical exercise
  • family and friends complain about the amount of time you spend online
  • you've tried to cut back on your screen use without success
  • depression
  • dishonesty
  • feelings of guilt
  • anxiety
  • feelings of euphoria when using the computer
  • inability to prioritize or keep schedules
  • isolation
  • no sense of time
  • defensiveness
  • avoidance of work
  • agitation
  • mood swings
  • fear
  • loneliness
  • boredom with routine tasks
  • procrastination


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