Shelina Neallani

Lawyer Counsellor

Shelina (RSW, LLB) brings over 30 years of combined training and experience in social work, law and mediation to LAPBC’s Lawyer Counsellor team. With a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience in communication and conflict management coaching, she is welcoming and approachable. Shelina practiced family and insurance litigation before transitioning her practice in 2008 to family and workplace mediation, coaching and consulting. Her lived experiences, both personally and in the practice of law, have led Shelina to practice with deep empathy, compassion, and respect for clients. She has helped clients move through conflict, crisis, and transitions to create opportunities for hope, growth, and resiliency. Shelina is an engaging speaker and a well-regarded published writer on topics such as Coping with Separation.

She serves on the executive team of Impact North Shore, a non-profit board dedicated to immigrant settlement services and building equitable communities, and is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). In her time with CBA, she also served on the CBA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) subsection team.

Shelina can be reached by phone at 1.888.685.2171 or 604.685.2171 or by email at